Focus Martial Arts

What people are saying about us

Focus Martial Arts student TylerT

Tyler T.

Musician and Traveler

“This place is the best. Class is really fun and all the instructors are really great. It has a family feel that is very welcoming to both new and existing students. The instructors ensure that the students are developing the proper mental and physical skills. There is a team effort for everyone’s success. This school is worth the hour and a half I drive twice a week. “

Focus Martial Arts student Nandita

Nandita G.

Electrical Engineer

“No number of stars on this review can help describe how amazing Focus Martial Arts really is. I used to train in another form of martial arts before I joined Focus and joining Focus was the best decision I’ve ever made! Everyone would tell me that they will treat you like family and everyone here really does make you feel that way. I knew from the moment I walked through that door for the first time that I would never leave!”

Focus Martial Arts student Alina

Alina X.

Makeup Artist and
Audio Engineering Student

“If you’re looking for a great way to lose weight, protect yourself and feel confident then this is the place to be. I’ve been to multiple martial arts places and only Focus Martial Arts have that strong family bond where nobody gets left behind, Sifu Ryan takes the time to teach you and makes sure you’re kept up with everything. I’m a full time makeup artist and audio engineering student so I’m never sure when I have the time but what’s great about it is that they’re open 6 days a week! so you’re able to choose days that you’re available since other places only open 2 or 3 days out of the week”

Focus Martial Arts student Shirin

Shirin B.

Mechanical Engineer

“I practiced WingTsun at FocusMA just to learn self-defense, but it also taught me mindfulness, letting go of things I can’t control, and going with the flow. If you have lived in a world facing a pandemic, you know how important those skills can be for survival. WingTsun not only made me physically stronger, but also mentally formidable, which is equally important if not more. I consider myself lucky for crossing paths with SiFu Ryan when I did.”