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Established in 2006

Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Training Fighting Techniques with Sifu Ryan Leung

Sifu Ryan Leung is a Hong Kong native with seven years experience in many martial art styles. After studying years of Tang Soo Do and Japanese Karate, Ryan finally discovered Wing Tsun kung fu. Ryan found that the Wing Tsun system does not rely on strength against strength during fighting, which makes Wing Tsun highly adaptable to students of all sizes.

Ryan truly found his home with the systematic training from City Wing Tsun Athletic Association. Ryan is todai to Sifu Alex Richter and has been expertly taught by him since 2002 as a member of City Wing Tsun. Ryan currently holds a 2nd Level Technician Grade and has had the privilege to learn Wing Tsun from Grandmaster Leung Ting, Elmond Leung, Master Timmy Lee, Master Leung Kwok Wah, Master Carson Lau and Master Jeff Webb.

Ryan earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Southern Connecticut State University. Ryan had a career in the IT field for 19 years before embarking in teaching Wing Tsun in the Charlotte area in 2006